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    GoSuite 24.2 Changelog



    • Combined two jobs into one for the email bounce and complaint queues. This was to resolve problems where complaints were not being logged in our system. 
    • Fixes for the new Universal Nav menu related to user roles. 
    • Subscription expiration dates now use 11:59pm as the time instead of 12:00am. 
      • This fix introduced a bug where the expiration date would be set to the day before the start date.
    • Fixed an issue where the WEBP version would not be updated after replacing the asset file. 
    • Fix for a visual issue with the shaded background for a modal in the course faculty tab.
    • Fixed an issue where required fields could cause problems with a second form on the same page. 
    • Made changes to the sitemap generation to resolve an issue with duplicate links appearing in fusion listings.
    • Fixed a timeout issue with merging member accounts. 
    • Fix for custom 404 and 500 error message pages not working. 
    • CSS update to increase the height of the document viewer in a course asset node.


    Inventory Product Variants

    • Inventory products now support variants. This is useful for things like size, color, format, etc. Each product variant can track its own price and inventory.

    Product Taxonomy Tagging

    • Products can be linked to taxonomies. These can be displayed in the Inventory Product Listing and Detail webparts or used to filter the products in the listing.

    New Institution Form Component

    • A new form builder component replaces the existing AMS Profile User Institution component. This new version works with the new profile Institution field and will autosuggest Institutions in our system.

    New Abstract Status

    • There are new abstract statuses for Virtual Oral presentations. 

    Billing & Shipping Address Capture

    • Billing and shipping addresses are now captured if there is at least one inventory product in the order with the Requires Shipping option enabled. This information can be viewed on the order detail page in the back office.

    Universal Navigation Updates

    • Preview mode is now a toggle switch instead of its own page view mode.
    • A new menu option for Sisense Reports appears in the back-office CMS menu bar.

    Improvements for Member Detail Page

    • Design improvements were made to the back-office member profile page.

    Meeting Update

    • When creating a meeting child session, the description is pulled in from the parent session. Some performance improvements were made as well.

    Alt Tag improvement

    • Anywhere where a featured image is shown has been updated to include the Alt tag.

    Fusion Search Improvement

    • Assorted improvements for the Fusion Recommendations webpart. A new sitemap field was added to set a default image for recommendation items without a featured image.

    Member Account Merge

    • When merging member accounts, the old account’s email address will now be stored in the new Additional Emails field.

    Setup Instructions

    • To set up product variants use the Manage Variants button found next to the Actions menu near the top of the product detail page. This option is only available for inventory products. If you enable the Track Inventory option, then the Manage Variants page will also include fields to edit the inventory for each individual variant.