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    New & Improved Universal Navigation Menu: A User-Friendly Experience


    In our continuous efforts to optimize user experience, we are thrilled to introduce several enhancements to the universal navigation that empower you to navigate, preview, and interact with your content seamlessly. These changes are based on client feedback and have been tested by a volunteer group of clients. This upgrade will begin rolling out December 2023 - January 2024. 

    Here's a glimpse into the exciting new additions you'll find in the latest update


    Updated NavBar Features are Always at Your Fingertips

    • Now, the View as User and Preview the Page options are conveniently placed in the NavBar, ensuring you can effortlessly visualize your webparts exactly as your audience would.
    • Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating through multiple menus! With the new Navbar functionality, publishing and unpublishing pages can be done with just a click, streamlining your workflow.


    Preview Unpublished WebParts

    • Easily see that you are previewing the page (an orange banner will appear whenever you are in preview mode). This feature allows you to preview unpublished webparts as you’re building a page.


    Improved Megamenu for Effortless Navigation

    • Clicking on the Enforme logo on the left now reveals an enhanced megamenu. This upgrade includes direct links to specific areas of the CMS, AMS, LMS, and Abstracts, making navigation a breeze.


    Webpart Mode: Elevating Your Content Creation Experience

    • Navigate to the Webparts link in the NavBar for an improved method of adding webparts to your page. The menu highlights the most frequently used webparts, simplifying the process. A full list of all webparts are available at right.


    Facelift for Webparts

    • Not only have we improved the way you add webparts, but the webparts themselves have received a facelift! Access links to edit and delete with ease.

    Quick Create for HTML Snippets

    • Introducing the Quick Create link for Content HTML Snippets—start crafting your HTML snippets directly from the page without any interruptions.

    Webpart Status at a Glance

    • Effortlessly keep track of your webparts' publishing status. Quickly identify whether a webpart is published or not, allowing for better management.

    We are committed to simplifying your processes and enhancing your experience. Share your thoughts with us; your feedback is invaluable in our journey to provide the best user experience possible.

    As we unveil these new enhancements, we invite you to explore the upgraded features and embrace a more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly content management experience. We look forward to hearing your insights and making further improvements based on your valuable feedback!