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    Revolutionize Online Learning: Discover GoSuite's LMS New Features for 2023


    Step into the future of learning with GoSuite's Learning Management System, revamped for 2023. This system is a cornerstone for educational innovation, offering a blend of new features that enhance both the creation and delivery of educational content. Tailored for dynamic learning environments, it combines user-friendly interfaces with advanced functionalities like timed exams, flashcards and self-assessments. These upgrades are designed to enrich the learning experience, making it more engaging and effective for both educators and learners. Discover how GoSuite LMS can elevate your educational offerings and streamline the learning journey.

    • Course Player V2: Redesigned for improved responsiveness and mobile compatibility, it can now be integrated within the CMS.
    • Ad Hoc Post Course Evaluation Setting: Offers flexibility in sending post-evaluation emails either immediately or on a scheduled basis.
    • Flashcards: A new study tool allowing users to create custom self-assessments and provide feedback on questions.
    • Link Directly to a Poll: Unique URLs for polls enable direct linking for engaging user interactions.
    • Timed Exams: Functionality for creating time-based exams with a countdown clock for learners.
    • User-Generated Self-Assessments: Enables users to build their own assessments, selecting topics and question numbers.
    • My Library Tools: Supports self-guided learning with features like highlighting, note-taking and saving questions.
    • CME Activities Updates: Enhanced based on user feedback, including downloads for meeting session documents and credit claiming per day or by session.
    • Minor Improvements: Updates to SCORM learning node, mobile optimization for CME credit claiming, support for various credit types and increased file size limits for PDF uploads.

    These updates aim to enrich the LMS experience, offering more tools and flexibility for both learners and administrators.

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