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    AboveAir Technologies Brand


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    AboveAir Technologies Brand
    AboveAir Technologies Brand
    AboveAir Technologies Brand

    Project Overview

    Project Type Branding
    Company AboveAir Technologies
    Year 2019



    AboveAir Technologies wanted to update its visual brand identity to better complement its growing commercial and industrial HVAC product business. As a manufacture of innovative and dependable HVAC solutions, it was important to visually represent AboveAir’s airflow and air quality industry expertise.


    The new AboveAir logo was designed as a locus point for the entire rebranding effort. The sharp and consistent angles that make up the logomark represent directional airflow while also referencing mechanical precision. The brand’s primary colors unite cleanly within the logomark and are further reinforced in the logotype. The logo’s compositional elements serve as the foundation for peripheral brand elements. Angled bands of color accent the corners of stationery and marketing materials, while the logotype informs the application of bold headings and font styles. The brand’s analogous blue color palette compliments bold imagery and is offset by a collection of soft-gray framing elements. United, these brand strategies present AboveAir Technologies with a strong, consistent visual identity that can easily be applied across the full spectrum of its marketing efforts.