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    Project Overview

    Project Type GoSuite Analytics
    Company American Society of Clinical Oncology and Wolters Kluwer
    Year 2023-2024


    The JCO Journals are renowned resources for research and clinical best practices in clinical oncology. However, their online and print platforms faced challenges:

    • Outdated design: The website lacked intuitive navigation, hindering user experience and access to vital information.
    • Inconsistent brand identity: The visual elements across online and print lacked cohesion, diminishing brand recognition.
    • Limited accessibility: The platform needed optimization for diverse devices and accessibility needs.

    ASCO and Wolters Kluwer selected Celerate to revamp the JCO Journals experience. The objective was to create a modern, user-centric platform that enhanced accessibility and discoverability of research content, strengthened brand recognition and trust, and improved user experience across all devices.


    Celerate employed a data-driven approach, implementing the following:

    • Deep user understanding: User research interviews gathered insights from oncology professionals on their needs and pain points. Competitive analysis identified strengths and weaknesses of competitor platforms.
    • User-centered design and brand refresh: We developed a cohesive brand identity consistent across online and print publications. Ensured the platform met accessibility standards for diverse users.
    • Seamless implementation and support: We worked hand-in-hand with ASCO, Wolters Kluwer and their platform provider throughout the development process. Provided technical assistance and guidance to ensure a smooth launch.