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    CODE Brand


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    CODE Brand
    CODE Brand
    CODE Brand

    Project Overview

    Project Type Branding
    Company CODE
    Year 2016



    Simple, sleek and impactful – that was the vision CODE provided for their logo and branding. As a high-end architectural service provider and consultancy firm, CODE wanted to communicate its modern professionalism and dependability in a bold, creative way. Delivering these goals would involve combining them to construct a concise visual statement built to draw the eye and encapsulate CODE’s identity.


    Celerate tackled this challenge by looking for a way to portray the name “CODE” in an architectural grid-based format. The labyrinth of lines in the resulting mark abstracts the name of the firm while conveying a blueprint layout of a modern, geometric structure. The custom condensed font used for CODE’s logotype aids in reinforcing a modern style, while ensuring ease of reading for those who may not have time to crack the “code” present in the mark. Combining these elements, the completed logo is visually rich and interesting while also being effective at communicating corporate identity.