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    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)

    Project Overview

    Project Type GoSuite
    Company CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    Year 2021-present


    CRTMeeting, the annual conference of CRTonline, was facing limitations with their WordPress website. The platform lacked the flexibility and integration capabilities needed to support their growing event. They sought a solution that would streamline conference management, enhance user experience, and facilitate seamless integration with their CRM and online registration system.


    Celerate migrated their website to our GoSuite solution. CRTMeeting utilized GoSuite’s comprehensive set of features, including: enhanced content management, seamless integrations: GoSuite seamlessly integrated with the conference's CRM, allowing for streamlined attendee management and targeted communication. Additionally, the integration with the online registration system facilitated a smooth registration process for attendees.

    The transition to GoSuite brought about a significant transformation in the conference's online presence:

    • Streamlined conference management: GoSuite's centralized platform simplified conference management, reducing administrative burden and allowing organizers to focus on delivering a high-quality event.
    • Enhanced attendee engagement: The integration with the CRM enabled targeted communication with attendees, promoting engagement and fostering a more personalized conference experience.
    • Simplified registration process: The seamless integration with the online registration system facilitated a smooth and efficient registration process, enhancing the overall attendee experience.

    By migrating to GoSuite, conference organizers were able to overcome the limitations of their WordPress website and create a dynamic online platform that enhanced engagement, streamlined management, and facilitated a seamless registration process. GoSuite's robust features and integration capabilities proved to be a game-changer for the conference, elevating its online presence and contributing to its overall success.