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    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)

    Project Overview

    Project Type GoSuite
    Company CRT (Cardiovascular Research Technologies)
    Year 2021


    CRTvirtual, a virtual conference website for cardiologists, was experiencing challenges with its WordPress platform. Conflicting plugins made maintenance difficult, and the client needed a more stable and secure platform to support the growing event. Additionally, the website needed to integrate with the client's CRM to streamline registration and management.


    CRTvirtual transitioned to GoSuite, a robust content management system (CMS) specifically designed for medical organizations. GoSuite offered a comprehensive set of features, including:

      • Seamless CRM integration: CRTvirtual seamlessly integrated with the CRT’s other GoSuite solutions, enabling streamlined registration and management of attendees.
      • Virtual meeting integration: GoSuite fully integrated virtual meeting registration and access, providing a seamless experience for attendees.
      • Profile sharing: Registered users of the virtual conference website could share their profile with other CRT websites, fostering collaboration and community engagement.
      • Stable and secure platform: GoSuite's reliable platform and secure hosting ensured that the website could handle the demands of a growing event and protect sensitive data.