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    Heritage Montgomery


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    Heritage Montgomery
    Heritage Montgomery
    Heritage Montgomery
    Heritage Montgomery

    Project Overview

    Project Type Website Design & Development
    Company Heritage Montgomery
    Year 2020


    One of thirteen certified heritage sites in Maryland, Heritage Montgomery is dedicated to promoting local history and culture. It offers a variety of experiences that foster stewardship and connection to Montgomery County heritage. Celerate was selected to introduce Heritage Montgomery to the web with a visually engaging and informative website. The primary goal was to promote the various Heritage Sites and events that are available to visitors throughout the area. With so many Heritage Sites to represent, organization and classification was key for an effective website experience. Celerate was tasked with creating a visual strategy that introduced a Heritage Sites color-coded system while also expanding upon a very basic brand.


    Referencing the four colored squares in Heritage Montgomery’s logo, Celerate created a series of diamond-shaped markers that could be placed with heritage site information and provide a visual for site classification. The bright colors used to distinguish these markers were also used throughout the site to provide emphasis to important action items and elements throughout the site. The Heritage Montgomery brand was reinforced through a gridded block-based structure that paired imagery of Heritage Sites and events with simple messaging and action items. These elements were reinforced with soft beige structural elements that offset the vibrant highlight colors in the foreground. The resulting website provides an effective resource to users who would like to learn more about what Heritage Montgomery has to offer.