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    Latham Biopharm Group

    Latham Biopharm Group
    Latham Biopharm Group
    Latham Biopharm Group
    Latham Biopharm Group

    Project Overview

    Project Type Web Design & Development
    Company Latham Biopharm Group
    Year 2022


    Serving the business needs of life science companies, Latham Biopharm Group provides consulting solutions for complex business, regulatory and product development challenges. Latham’s wide experience in pharmaceuticals, biotech and academic industries has led to an abundance of potential clientele and marketing opportunities. When Celerate was selected to upgrade Latham’s web presence, the primary challenge was to fully display the consultation firm’s services and extensive expertise in a variety of life science sector and product development areas.


    Latham’s website tackles complexity through simplicity by outlining core services and providing clear pathways to sector-specific content. Service and sector overview pages break down Latham’s experience into a stacked list of category blocks. Each block pairs relevant imagery with overview content and a callout to more in-depth details. This allows prospective clients to get a better understanding of Latham’s overall capabilities and experience while also providing the means to dig deeper into specifics that align with their needs. In addition, the new website directs users to company news, events and resources through callout blocks and other forms of navigation. These content pathways are unified through a clean, consistent design that effectively represents Latham’s brand. The result is a website that balances a rich visual style with a simplified and navigable flow of information.