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    Save Mount Diablo

    Save Mount Diablo
    Save Mount Diablo
    Save Mount Diablo
    Save Mount Diablo

    Project Overview

    Project Type Web Design & Development
    Company Save Mount Diablo
    Year 2022


    Save Mount Diablo is an organization dedicated to preserving the Diablo Range in west-central California. In addition to land protection projects and advocacy efforts, Save Mount Diablo provides a wealth of education and trail experiences to the local community. Celerate was tasked with representing the full scope of Save Mount Diablo’s accomplishments and ongoing mission. The goal was to pair preservation effort details, educational resources, and upcoming events with a persistent invitation to volunteer and donate to the cause.


    Immediately upon visiting the new site, users are met with vivid images of the mountain range and a clear message about Save Mount Diablo’s mission. Current efforts and experiences are displayed in a small slideshow below the main banner, along with a series of volunteer opportunity options. Bold blocks of content are offset by jagged section dividers that are reminiscent of mountainous terrain. The organization’s efforts are described in detail through a series of carefully organized sections. Alongside this, the website provides access to a library of educational resources and a calendar of upcoming events. A consistent message about volunteer and donation opportunities is presented throughout in the form of inviting statements and action items. By pairing informative details with majestic imagery of the Diablo mountain range, the new website offers visitors a compelling vantage point from which to survey Save Mount Diablo’s passion to preserve, defend, restore and enjoy.